Pacaembu font family landing page

Naipe Type Foundry is a small Barcelona-based type foundry that designed a neo-grotesque variable font family called Pacaembú. The font name stands for one of Brazil’s oldest and largest stadiums, with unique Art Déco signage which inspired the letterforms, and pays homage to the Brazilian soccer legacy, plenty of the world’s greatest players and epic matches.

Naipe requested a promotional page for Pacaembú that should act as an interactive specimen for the font and its multiple instances. The content is a tribute to the homonym stadium and Brazilian history in soccer, featuring the most important matches and players to step on its grass field, such as Pelé, Garrincha, Sócrates and many others. Working in collaboration with Naipe demanded specific tools for sharing prototypes, writing, brainstorming and measuring the viability of new ideas.

The objective of creating a storytelling specimen started with a collaborative prototype in Adobe XD, which later materialized with modern tools like React, HTML and CSS. Also, some components demanded RESTful API’s to retrieve information, such as the main championships’ standings. The Pacaembú website became a tropical-themed playful homage to Brazilian soccer legacy where the user can experiment with the font, interact with different components and even play with historic soccer line-ups. The live specimen achieved a Most Loved award in the One Page Love gallery.