Arara website

Arara is a search, discovery and acquisition service for new and under-construction apartments in São Paulo, Brazil, where household construction companies feature available units for sale, and users get in touch with specialized real estate agents right from the platform. Also, Arara improves the discoverability of these properties with SEO-driven pages and interactive components to showcase photos, projections, videos, blueprints, live maps and rich information for potential buyers.

The primary objective of Arara‘s design and development was to provide a straightforward experience where users would find an apartment suitable for their needs and possibilities and quickly contact a real estate agent to schedule a visit. The Brazilian online real estate market already has its champions and successful cases, so our design process demanded a deep competitor analysis and adaptation of their main features to a different audience. Moreover, Arara doesn’t long to be a direct competitor, dealing primarily with construction companies instead of individual unit proprietaries. Also, the input of experienced real estate agents offered helpful guidance for building an interface to display available and upcoming units for potential customers.

Arara‘s main screens were mocked-up and prototyped in Figma with responsiveness to multiple devices in mind. Later, modern tools such as Next.js, HTML and CSS helped to create an interactive platform which relies on RESTful APIs and internal management tools. The web service offers affordable apartments with plenty of content, high discoverability in search engines like Google and Bing, and quick communication with real estate agents.