Arara logo and typeface

Arara is a search, discovery and acquisition service for new and under-construction apartments in the ABC region of São Paulo, Brazil, where household construction companies feature available units for sale, and users get in touch with specialized real estate agents right from the platform. The ABC region includes the cities of “Santo André,” “São Bernardo do Campo,” “São Caetano do Sul” and “Diadema,” and has a total population of 2.8 million with per capita income higher than the Brazilian average. Also, these cities witness a real estate expansion subsidized by government housing projects, with many residential and commercial buildings rising across the landscape.

The Arara brand targets this population eager for an affordable proper household to raise their families, stating simplicity, trust, transparency and digital as its core values. Its symbol depicts a geometric hyacinth macaw (in Portuguese, Arara), a Brazilian exotic bird species which gathers in small groups. The logotype with hand-drawn-like lowercase letters brings a taste of simplicity to the logo. The colour system, projected for print and web applications, offers a neat range of matches for various contexts and needs.

The logotype characters are a reference for the Arara font family, a custom typeface with five static weights and a variable prototype for headings in the Arara website and printing assets. The Arara font family has more than 1,900 characters, among uppercase and lowercase letters, small caps, lining and tabular numbers, special characters, symbols and an experimental group of Greek letters.